Why Choose Us?

At Oberhammer Funeral Chapels, we're not just your funeral directors, we're your friends.  In addition to our friendly staff, we are compassionate, caring and very knowledgeable, as we have over 30 years experience in the funeral industry.

Saying goodbye to a loved one is a difficult journey, but with our complete care from beginning to end and our assistance every step of the way, we hope this very tough time becomes a little bit easier. 


Our History


Laverne and Michelle Oberhammer, along with their two daughters, moved to Rimbey in December of 1993 with the dream of opening the first Rimbey resident owned and operated funeral home.


On January 24, 1994, we at Oberhammer Funeral Chapels, opened our doors and that dream became a reality.  Here we stand, 24 years later, still blessed to be living that dream, every single day. 


Driven by our passion for superior customer service, vast funeral knowledge, dedication to each and every family and client, and warm, kind hearts, we continue to strive for excellence within the funeral industry.

At Oberhammer Funeral Chapels, our slogan is not just words - it is our life.

We are and will forever be:

a guiding hand ... a caring heart

Support Team Spotlight
Sonja McAlpin - Certified Funeral Celebrant

We are extremely honoured to announce that our very own Support Team member, Sonja McAlpin, has completed the Certified Funeral Celebrant course from Life Celebrants of Canada. Sonja is the absolute epitome of a kind, compassionate and caring person. With many great accomplishments already under her belt, we are more than confident that she would be an excellent Celebrant for your loved one’s funeral service, memorial service, celebration of life, or non-denominational gathering.  Please contact us for any questions you may have, or to book Sonja for your treasured ceremony.

Pet Friendly!

We at Oberhammer Funeral Chapels, are very proud to be a pet-friendly business.


We know that your dogs, cats, birds, hamsters, and other companions, are your very best friends. These special members of the family have the innate ability to sense our emotional needs and act on them with unconditional love. They are very intuitive to our energies - be it good, bad or sad, and will normally not leave our sides until our energy changes or we are, at the very least, not quite as sad.


For example, petting and interacting with a dog has positive physiological effects. It increases serotonin and dopamine, and decreases cortisol levels in our brain, which improves our mood by lowering stress, anxiety, and depression. Stroking a dog also lowers blood pressure and helps those who are feeling lonely, which could be the case for someone who lost a loved one.


When we are grieving, we may experience many difficult emotions. Our dogs and other animals, make the perfect companion to help ease our anxiety and confusion of death. It can simply be their presence that distracts us from stress and grief, even if for just a moment or two. The power of an animal to change the mood of a room is amazing; in a very emotional and   difficult situation, they can immediately put us at ease, and can help cheer up, calm and distract us.


Your friendly, little creatures can often provide you with exactly what you need during this stressful time: comfort and the chance to relieve some of your tension and anxiety. So please feel free to have your loveable pets join us while your family makes arrangements, to make this very difficult time even just a little bit easier.


Here, at Oberhammer Funeral Chapels, we also have a resident dog named Murphy. This eight year old boy has been joining his mom and dad at work since he was just a puppy in 2011. Our loveable Murphy has an unfailingly calm, friendly demeanour, warm heart, and a strong need to make sure everyone around him is doing well. This has always been very evident whenever his human nephews cry or his Gigi needed assistance getting around. Murphy lives to share his love with everyone whom he meets and walks in our door, two-legged or four-legged. So please let us know if Murphy can be of any assistance to you, to make this very difficult time a bit more bearable with his warmth, touch and unconditional love. He would love to join you and your family during any and all parts of the arrangement process; perhaps if you need a warm furry hug, a shoulder to cry on, or just simply a soft, warm friend curled up by your feet.

Our beloved furry friends can provide a calm, loving presence to us when grieving. Words are not always required; sometimes all it takes is a nuzzle from a wet nose to help us share our  feelings and begin the healing process.

Our Community


We are proud to be serving Rimbey and its many surrounding communities including, but not limited to: Bentley, Bluffton, Breton, Hoadley, Forshee, Eckville, Rocky Mountain House, Lacombe, and Red Deer.  There is never a distance too far to provide excellence customer service.