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Your Choice Of Funeral

Funerals are a vital part of the grieving process when a loved one passes.  It is the living's way of honoring the life of the dead.  When mourning the life of your loved one, having a personalized funeral, memorial or celebration is a very important role in the healing process. 

Our job is to take care of every little detail from care and preparation of the deceased and all funeral arrangements to the obituary and providing death certificates and all necessary legal documentation; as well as creating personal touches and memorable keepsakes.  We provide a safe, warm, friendly environment to share your preferences, thoughts and requests about any type of funeral or interment that you desire.  You can feel confident and place your trust in us, because with over 30 years experience, we will help make all your wishes and visions a reality. 

Saying goodbye to someone you love so dearly is never easy,

but having a loving and meaningful farewell will bring

closure and help ease the pain.

A few examples of common funerals, memorials, interments and celebrations include:

Traditional Funeral Service (With or Without Embalming)


Memorial Service

Graveside Service

Cremation With Memorial Service


Immediate Disposition (With or Without Embalming)

Visitation or Viewing

Prayer Vigil

We also have a large selection of caskets, urns and keepsakes.

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