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Flower Shops

Blooms Etc.: 4907 51 Street, Rimbey, Alberta, 403-843-2627

Earthy Accents: #1 5009-50 Avenue, Bentley, Alberta, 403-658-6262

Halls In & Around Rimbey

Bluffton Community Hall: Bluffton, Alberta, 403-843-6541

Directions: 13 Kilometres North of Rimbey on Highway 20

Forshee Community Hall: Bentley, Alberta, 403-748-2215,

Directi0ns: Range Road 20 and Highway 20, between Rimbey and Bentley

Hoadley Community Hall: Hoadley, Alberta, 403-843-6088 or 403-843-6952

Directions: 26 Kilometres North of Rimbey on Highway 20

Last West Hall: Rimbey, Bluffton, 403-843-3463

Directions: 22 Kilometres West of Rimbey on Highway 53, then 1 Kilometre North

Liberty Hall: Springdale, Alberta, 403-843-6153

Directions: 26 Kilometres North of Rimbey on Highway 20 to Secondary 611, then 9 Kilometres East on Secondary 611

Peter Lougheed Community Centre: Rimbey, Alberta, 403-843-3151,

Cemeteries In & Around Rimbey

Mount Auburn: 4902 - 50 Avenue, Rimbey, Alberta, 403-843-2113

West Haven: Rimbey, Alberta, 403-843-2113

West of Rimbey on Highway 53 and Range Road 31

Town Of Rimbey

The Town of Rimbey is the owner and operator of the West Haven and Mount Auburn Cemeteries. Permits, plots, opening and closing of graves, perpetual care, monument permits, and all costs are the responsibility of the Town.

4938 50 Avenue, Rimbey, Alberta, 403-843-2113

To download the current Town of Rimbey Cemetery Bylaws, click here:

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​For more detailed information, pricing, plots, and to apply for a permit, click here:

Family Community Support Services

Family Community Support Services is an organization in Rimbey and surrounding areas that is there for you and your family in this difficult time of grief, whether it is their aid in referral to a counselor or assisting you in completing government forms such as additional income from government applications for funeral expenses if you are low income and received an old age security payment, As well, they have a library of books on death and grieving that your family may find helpful at this time, and if a widow is now in need of a wheelchair or help with his or her house, cleaning, meals or personal hygiene, F.C.S.S. can assist with these items.

5025-55 Street, Rimbey, Alberta, 403-843-2030

Death Documents

We will provide you with the Funeral Directors Statement of Death, but if you wish, you can also apply for the official government Certificate of Death from the Government of Alberta. The Government keeps a record of all registered deaths that take place in Alberta and can only issue documents for these deaths.

There are four kinds of death documents you can order:

  • Death certificate: All death certificates are certified extracts of the original Registration of Death.

  • Photocopy of a Registration of Death: This is a photocopy of the registration form completed at the time of death.

  • Photocopy of a Medical Certificate of Death: This is a photocopy of the medical form completed at the time of death by either an attending physician or a medical examiner (as is applicable). This document contains the medical information related to the medical cause of death.

  • Death record search: A death record search will tell you if a record was found, but will not provide any other information.

For more detailed information and to apply, click here:

Canadian Pension Plan

Survivor's Pension In Canada

When your loved one dies, his or her Canada Pension Plan (CPP) pension is paid to the person who, at the time of death, is the legal spouse or common-law partner of the deceased contributor. If you are a separated legal spouse and the deceased had no cohabiting common-law partner, you may qualify for this benefit.

For more detailed information and to apply, click here:

Death Benefit In Canada

The Canada Pension Plan (CPP) death benefit is a one-time, lump-sum payment to the estate on behalf of a deceased CPP contributor.

If an estate exists, the executor named in the will or the administrator named by the Court to administer the estate applies for the death benefit. The executor should apply for the benefit within 60 days of the date of death.

If no estate exists or if the executor has not applied for the death benefit, payment may be made to other persons who apply for the benefit in the following order of priority:

  • the person or institution that has paid for or that is responsible for paying for the funeral expenses of the deceased;

  • the surviving spouse or common-law partner of the deceased; or

  • the next-of-kin of the deceased.

The death benefit is equal to six months' worth of this calculated retirement pension up to a maximum of $2,500. The amount of the death benefit depends on how much and for how long the deceased contributed to the CPP. In January 2016, the average death benefit paid was $2,296.85 and the maximum was $2,500.

For more detailed information and to apply, click here:

Allowance For The Survivor

The Allowance for the Survivor is a benefit available to people aged 60 to 64 who have a low income, who are living in Canada, and whose spouse or common-law partner has died.

You qualify for the Allowance for the Survivor if you meet all of the following conditions:

  • you are aged 60 to 64 (includes the month of your 65th birthday);

  • you are a Canadian citizen or a legal resident;

  • you reside in Canada and have resided in Canada for at least 10 years since the age of 18;

  • your spouse or common-law partner has died and you have not remarried or entered into a common-law relationship; and

  • your annual income is less than the maximum annual threshold.

For more detailed information and to apply, click here:

Cancelling Old Age Security And Canada Pension Plan Benefits

Benefits must be cancelled after a death. When an Old Age Security (OAS) and Canada Pension Plan (CPP) beneficiary dies, their benefits must be cancelled. Benefits are payable for the month in which the death occurs; benefits received after that will have to be repaid. This includes the following benefits:

  • OAS pension, including

    • Guaranteed Income Supplement

    • Allowance

    • Allowance for the Survivor

  • CPP retirement pension

  • CPP disability benefits

  • CPP children's benefits

  • CPP survivor benefits

For more detailed information and how to cancel, click here:

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